Genesis Wealth Management Limited

Pensions advice

We provide a comprehensive and holistic advisory service which covers the pension and retirement needs of all individuals as they negotiate the minefield of pensions.

Our pension service covers the question of further payments as well as how best to deal with amounts already invested, including various forms of self-invested pension arrangements, the possible consolidation of benefits into a streamlined approach and retirement solutions such as income drawdown.

With recent changes offering many more retirement options, pension investments now typically exist in a longer term time horizon and we would therefore seek to validate, on a regular basis, the underlying investments held as well as a range of ancillary factors. In addition, for those with final salary scheme entitlements, it can be useful to benchmark those benefits against the context of the new pension freedoms available and consider them as part of an overall retirement strategy.

There has never been a more important time to know where pensions are held and the options available so that informed decisions can be made about how best to manage these assets up to and beyond retirement.