Genesis Wealth Management Limited

How we charge

At Genesis we derive our income from Adviser Charging. Charges are determined by the type of work you ask us to undertake on your behalf.

Investment services

Where there is an intention that you will purchase and ask us to monitor the performance of a retail investment product, such as a unit trust or a personal pension we will agree with you an annual adviser charge based upon the percentage of funds under management. Any new investments or relevant fund changes will be undertaken for a specific charge that will be disclosed to you prior to implementation of any recommendations.

For example, on an initial investment of £50,000 we will agree with you a fee of between 0% and 3% i.e. £0 to £1,500 and this will be confirmed to you prior to any investment being implemented. That charge can be paid directly to us at the time you instruct us to place any investments recommended, or it can be paid to us by your administration platform or product provider out of the funds you submit for investment purposes.

Thereafter, as we monitor your portfolio to ensure the selected investments continue to provide the correct overall diversification to meet your investment objectives and risk profile, we will charge an annual adviser charge, payable monthly, of up to 0.75%. For example, on a portfolio of £500,000 the annual adviser charge, payable monthly, may be £3,750, for this service.

Where applicable, the adviser charge will be paid to us by your administration platform, ideally from cash reserves held on the platform or from units they encash for the purpose of meeting our agreed charges.

Advisory services

If the work undertaken relates to a specific project that is unlikely to result in the purchase by you of a regulated investment product our charges will be calculated on a time spent basis. They will reflect such factors as complexity, monetary values and specialist input, and will take into account urgency, inherent risks and the use of techniques, expertise, research and know-how developed by us. Where possible, an adviser charge estimate will be provided setting out the charge likely to arise under this basis once the scope of our assignment has been determined.