Genesis Wealth Management Limited

Associated services

Our holistic financial planning capabilities are ideally suited to dovetail with any specialist input you may need to more complicated financial problems. Very much like a local GP would refer a specific need to a medical consultant, we at Genesis Wealth Management Limited have formed a number of associations with specialists who can provide the expert input required.

We work with local solicitors on more detailed estate planning matters involving the creation of family trusts and the preparation of wills. We work with specialist tax advisers on innovative tax shelters and tax deferral schemes. We work with stock-broking services and with large and small, national and local firms to provide solutions to all your investment needs.

With our background in the accountancy profession we have many connections able to support you with traditional personal and corporate tax compliance matters, and should your business be the subject of a random review by the HM Revenue & Customs, tax investigation specialists are at hand.

We have strong in-house pension skills for those clients who act as pension scheme trustees or those who simply need actuarial support. We also have strong links with leading Actuaries and specialist fund management groups.

Although we have chosen not to register with the Mortgage Code, as we do not provide specific advice on loans and mortgages, we are able to introduce you to specialist services that can assist you with all your mortgage needs, whether they be residential, buy to let or commercial.